Monday, 23 November 2015

Is this thing on?

I've not been particularly assiduous this year. Life happens, and it's gotten in the way. I have been modelling, and been working within the INQ28 community, but I've not had a lot of time with work to always blog.

The above picture really sounds very interesting, doesn't it? It's interesting how many of the Specialist Games have survived and thrived without Games Workshop's support. I'm proud of the INQ28 events we've run - and it always makes me smile when I see random people on forums talking about INQ28 and Inquisimunda - about the retinues and warbands that've been in Blanchitsu.

And yet, it holds the promise of much more - that's rather enthralling, really.

What are your hopes for the new iteration of Games Workshop's Specialist Games studio?


  1. Nice plastic miniatures and playable boardgames. In retrospect the demise of the original Specialist Games, sad as it was, stimulated player creativity and encouraged people to take initiative and "do their own thing", rather than depend on official support. And it opened their minds to other games. I doubt a game like Frostgrave would've had much of a chance if a fully supported Mordheim had been around for the past 10 years. So we don't really need a return to the past. We do need more cool miniatures however :-)

  2. Yes, Specialist Studio should prove interesting, if only for more figures.

    As for yourself, any chance of a photo dump of your work? I for one always find it very inspiring.

  3. Ach, just watch them feck it oop by trying to turn them all into cash cows.

  4. Wot Zzzzz said.

    Part of me is hopeful, though I've been bitten by this dog before.

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